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Building your new or re-facing custom cabinets can raise many questions, here we solve some of your doubts. If you can’t find the answer to your questions, call us at (919)802-1802 or (984)269-7000

Why is a custom cabinet better than a semi-custom cabinet?

Semi-Custom Cabinets are factory built in mass quantities by national manufacturers to standard stock sizes, on many occasions the materials and finishes are not of the best quality that one expects or seeks.

On the other hand, custom cabinets they are designed and built specifically for your project with an exact fit to all measurements of your available area. Custom cabinets are uniquely built for each space delicately handcrafted by local professional artisans.

How long does it take to build my custom cabinets?

Our experience has made it easy to do things simpler. From the beginning of our first meeting, we will attend to all your ideas and develop the structure of your needs based on the specific measurements, then we’ll move on to the construction process of your incredible custom cabinets, in only 24 hours we can install them. All processes are different and that will depend on the work’s size and complexity. The owner or manager of your project can give you an estimated time on-site.

What kind of material do you use to build my cabinets?

There are many types of wood and between them exist high or low qualities. We are proud to say that our materials meet the highest standards in the construction of your cabinets. We don’t mix cheap woods with high quality woods, we use 100% high quality only.

Our 3/4″ thick Domestic Maple 5 layers only, provide you with a exclusive cabinet stronger and long-lasting unique to others.

Will my custom cabinets resources have soft-close drawers and doors?

Our soft close add-on provide the best handling and usability to help a proper use of your cabinet doors. Our system stops closing if someone tries to slam it, on the other hand, if they don’t close the door with enough force, it closes it automatically slowly and safely. Proper operation will avoid possible accidents, your doors will close instantly smoothly and silently.

Are custom cabinets services coming with warranty?

YES, our main slogan is “Our Quality is Our Warranty” which means that we guarantee that quality and guarantee comes together with our outstanding custom cabinet services. Our promise is that our work is not completely finished if you are not 100% satisfied, our responsibility on your project guarantees that your cabinets will be the same as you dream.

Can you repair my existing cabinets?

YES, in many cases the bases of our cabinets are new or don’t need to be removed, but you’re tired of the classic and boring design that we normally know. The re-facing service is perfect to give a total change to the image of your existing cabinets, we adjust to your ideas and look forward for the possible options to give new life to your cabinets. You will love them as much as before

Why should I choose JHR Custom Cabinets and not another cabinet company?

Throughout the years we have analyzed and listened to all the needs of our clients, we reallyappreciate and take in our mind all their valuable advices.

For that reason, we created a “NON-NAIL INSTALLATION” system, our smart custom system allows drilling the wood at an 45º angle to insert special screws that will make your cabinet stronger and more durable, this means that in your custom cabinets you will not see traces of any nail on the surface of the cabinet, which makes it look nail-free and beautiful to appreciate.

Sometimes the cabinets are easy to remove piece by piece, our system guarantees that you don’t have to damage or break your cabinets to remove them, they can be removed in one piece without damage it, and thus can be used again.